Phone Calls: Still Critical for Communication

Black Rotary Telephone on White Surface
You don’t see many dial-up phones on office desks anymore. That doesn’t mean phones are outdated. In fact, they’re more important than 

Everyone answers the phone

At one time only receptionists were trained to answer phones calls professionally. Now, almost everyone on the payroll picks up business calls all day long. For business leaders, that suggests that everyone on your staff should know how to make the most of the phones, or use them to the advantage of your organization.

A few tips may save the day                                                                   . . . and the customer:

  • Answer phones promptly and pleasantly. Prospective customers will move on to another business if their calls aren’t answered by the fourth ring. They’ll go elsewhere if a grouch answers.
  • Start with your company name, then your name, rather than hip greetings like “Hey, it’s me,” reserved for friends and non- business hours.
  • Always ask: “What can I do for you?”
  • Listen carefully to each response.
  • Take notes if necessary.

If a customer’s question requires a return call, vow to get back with the caller as soon as possible – and do it! There’s nothing more irritating to potential customers than waiting forever for an answer.

Susan K. MaciakPublished by Susan K. Maciak, CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC | | For permission to reprint,

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