Once is never enough!

advertising-bank-brochure-623046 (1)

You put a full-page ad in a magazine . . . . . . and not a single person responds!

“What do I have to do to build business?” you wonder. “How much do I have to spend?”

One ad, no matter how big or bold it may be, won’t bring in a cadre of clients. One ad will probably not even capture a single customer.

Potential customers, research shows, need to see or hear marketing messages at least seven – 12 times before responding.                          

Before buying their first ad, business owners should develop an annual marketing plan, along with an affordable budget. Add at least one promotional activity monthly.

To be successful, businesses don’t have to go broke on a dozen or more expensive, glossy, full-page ads. Marketing in a variety of less-expensive ways can be just as effective . . . if your message is seen or heard multiple times.

Consider ideas like these:

Social Media Pages . . . Set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages for your business, then post short blurbs about your products or services once a week or so.

News Releases . . . Write and send news releases several times each year to local media outlets, describing anything “new” or different at your business.

Blog Articles . . . Post informative articles about your products and services on your website regularly.

Be visible . . . Send staff out to volunteer at schools, hospitals, community events.

Network . . . Provide every staff member with a business card and encourage them to hand out their cards wherever they go.

Let’s Talk Business! | by Susan K. Maciak | Lead Consultant
CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting LLC
For permission to reprint: ask@cameo100.com

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