After Coronavirus: Advance Your Career

If your job disappeared due to Covid-19, or you’ve had to settle for second best for any reason, turn a proverbial “lemon into a lemonade” by taking another step up the career ladder. Rather than lamenting your loss, apply for a job on the next rung . . . and advance your career.

You can do-it-yourself with an easy-to-use workbookJob-Seeking: “Job Shopping: Don’t Settle for a Job that Sucks.” This self-help manual is a favorite by Susan K. Maciak, former school district career program director, now independent career and corporate consultant.

“JOB SHOPPING” is a an easy-to-use career planner for jobseekers of all ages. This  colorful, creative and comprehensive workbook may be just what you need to help you plot your way to a job you’ll love.

JOB SHOPPING, along with other career books and services, is just a click away. Order directly from the author at or go to – Maciak’s online consulting site.


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